Tuesday, November 17, 2015



would you know it.

this little rockcress, tries to be a little yellow rose (potentilla)

I took a little break tonight from writing the book. nanowrimo. which is not the title, but my inspiration.
the book is coming along quite nicely, and if it ever finish it, 
 it will be a rockcress that tries to be a yellow rose
my pseudonym could
puccina monoica 
so the book will gather rust before anyone knows i wrote it

Sunday, November 8, 2015


I am writing a book.
Mildly putting it, it is a daunting task ( to use writers' lingo).
I can barely make the amount of required daily word count.
No time to; reread what i wrote, know my characters, no suggestion of some sort of plan, and then there is keeping organized, barely time for that. The characters keep going off in directions i don't want them to go going into some sort of main stream, them wanting to be stereotypical, where i have to rewrite their adventures to have them be totally beautiful uniquely their own selves.
In down time i read Bill Bryson. NOT GOOD i love his book so much , it makes me laugh so much
It makes me feel useless, even trying.
One of his lines i just read, that made me crack up:
"All that is required of you is your willingness to trudge"
Yes Bill, that is easy said when your in the woods. I am good in the woods,
Not here, not on this totally unfamiliar terrain
 of writing a book.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I bare

                                                                                                          ( spring picture)

went to my lover today 
you know her
she the one that flows 
there was ice white
with snow and grey wetness
the dark water
and the sounds
the sounds i didn't know 
would scare me
creatures in the water 
or beyond
i watched the ice floes
for a long time
it seemed that they
would build onto 
the forming ice bridge
the river freezing over 
while i touched
she touched me
but they did not 
these ice floes
they would first build up
and then duck
to appear 
on the other end
and sail off
and taken in 
by the ripples
of the current
i will never know 
if you lie to me
to protect me
or yourself
i feel cold 
in your water
flow flow flow
flow with me
melt me
melt me
sunshine on the water
or even if
snowflakes were falling
we are all one

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

a place

Sometimes you  briefly meet someone
and you know you will meet again.
You know there is so much more.
But you don't know 
when or if
 or ever.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

the wonderful world of October

I might just love October most of all

My feathers wet
The rocks exposed
And the lake,
the freezing and the melting
a wind instrument
making the most beautiful

Saturday, September 5, 2015

a giant gobbler

a giant stone gobbler laying languidly in the forest behind my house. I assume he has been laying there for years, gobbling away. I just never noticed him, he so quiet, i might have walked by him once, but didn't pay much attention

You know that is really strange, i just looked on google earth, and this rock is 0.85 km away from the house. That is not very far. And i walk around here for 20 years.
Is that what the forest does, it hides things?
Yet i do know that i do not often go to that sidehill,
it is beautiful steep, deep moss, forested slope.

The gobbler he eats little girls and boys fingers, as you can see.

I go all other directions quite regular, to the lake, to the beach lines, to the hills, to the creek, in the other forests, but hardly ever there.

I am also in place now in another place i hardly ever go...in a place of health issues. It constricts me in ways that i am hardly ever constricted in. First i found it kind of interesting, that somehow being preoccupied with this, it took my mind away from real issues, almost like i imagine mind altering drugs will do.

Monday, August 10, 2015

twin deer

..two years and a bit, old. Today on my bicycle i ran into the two twin deer. We saw them first in 2013 with their mom, last summer still with there mom, and now for the first time i saw them on their own, together. I was only able to get one in the photograph, they both look like female deer.  Very healthy looking. most beautiful.
                                                             twin deer 2013
                                                       and here Sept 30 2014
and all three photographs taken in basically the same spot.
isn't that something.
We have on occasion seen them in our garden too.